August 2, 2011

Another New Post (there are 2).. SEOUL

So this past weekend Leslie, Liza, Lucy and I went to Seoul and it was great because we had a translator (Leslie) and a tour guide (ME!!!). It was so weird to be back!! Although we didn't have enough time to go back to Korea University I will be able to go in 2 weeks. I remembered how the subway worked and how to walk to Insadong from Dongdaemun and it was sooo fun.

First we went to Myeongdong and went shopping in the outdoor mall like place and I took them to my favorite store (A Land) and it was so great :)

Then we got a hotel in Dongdeamun the fashion city of Seoul and walked to Insadong to get little souvenirs and have dinner at an INDIAN RESTAURANT. I almost peed my pants of excitement. After dinner we walked back along the river to Dongdaemun and sat at a coffee shop for like 3 hours waiting for the 1am fashion market to open up. It is famous for being super cheap and super chic because that is when all the knew cloth shipments come in. HOWEVER after waiting for so long we found out that it wasn't open on Saturdays/ moved to a different place. but there were still a lot a lot of stores open and Lucy and I were very slap happy so I still had a good time looking at all the funny spirals.

At 2:30am we went back to the hotel and slept in until 10:00, had breakfast at a coffee shop in a department store then went back to the bus terminal. All in all, a successful weekend.

I can't wait to go back in 2 weeks!!


  1. Find out where that late night clothing market is, because I missed out on it last time to my lasting disappointment. I didn't know you had pants of excitement.

  2. Are pants of excitement anything like hot pants? Are they back in style? I thought Koreans were super modest.