December 5, 2009

Yesterday was good I woke up and I spent the day with Caitlyn and the two Italian girls in the study room. We ordered a pizza and let me tell you , it was the most difficult pizza I've ever ordered. First we tried to call dominos then they just were not being helpful at all then we tried to order online except there was a pay pal thng and it just wasn't going to happen so finally we went to the front desk and they tried to order and as Iwas at the front desk I looked down and I saw a package sitting on the desk for ME! from poppa, these crazy skittles that were good and so I shared with everyone in the lobby including the girl working behind the desk and the security gaurd. The skittles held us off for a while until finally the pizza man came up the CJ hill on his scooter and delivered the pizza, we ordered 2 large pizzas and 4 1.5 liter cokes (we didn't know the cokes would be that big) It was very satisfying. Then we went to dinner with another girl named Anna and her boyfriend had just sent her flowers which was very nice then we went out for drinks at a couple places and went to a club. I got back at 5am then we woke up and caitlyn and I came to davinci with ed and we had bagels and coffee and then ed left and barbar and thi kim came and we sat studying and had various exchange students come and talk to us for a while after they saw us in the window. Kurt came in and made me feel bad about myself because he has already written a couple pages for the 6 page paper due December 15thhhh and Henri came in and he's in our class too but now we are finishing up studying and are going to get barbeque at the pork place. I'm looking forward to a quiet night because even though I was going to go to see some live music and various clubs with Isabella but she doesn't feel well and that's ok with me because I'm pretty tired. In davinci there is a christmas tree and I kind of forgot that christmas trees come with christmas but now that I have been reminded I'm pretty excited for the christmas tree at home. I also realized that I haven't thought about my turtle bruce in a while but now that I am thinking about him more im pretty excited to play with him when I get back!!!


  1. Bruce is good. His cage is nice and clean. He's been asking for you.

  2. Bruce is good. His cage is nice and clean. He's been asking for you.