March 5, 2012

Host Moms Everywhere

I literally feel like Korea is filled with host moms everywhere I go there is a middle aged Korean woman looking out for me. At school, at home and now at Caffe Bene the coffee shop I often visit.

You should know that it's pretty much the craziest thing in the world to see a Korean woman out in the rain without an umbrella. Maybe they're all witches and will melt in the rain, who knows. All I know is that it doesn't happen. I've assimilated to this aspect of their culture but since I "lost" my umbrella in Seoul (I was tired of carrying it around so I left it at my favorite Mexican restaurant) I have been either borrowing one from my host family or adventuring out without it. My host mom has gone so far as to instruct me to call her if I'm at school and it's raining and I don't have an umbrella. I would obviously never do that but I want to stress the umbrella thing.

So I was super bored in school today and decided to actually adhere to the only have to stay in school for 6 hours a day rule. Unfortunately for me it was raining, but no big deal, I put my hood up and walked to Caffe Bene. Upon entering the coffee shop owner who recognizes me (not hard, I go there like three times a week and I'm the only white girl there, ever.) starts scolding me for not having an umbrella, goes back and gets me her umbrella and then gets a handful of napkins and wiping me down. not giving me the napkins but like rubbing all over my coat. Was it out of fear of getting her restaurant wet? Probably not since it was only drizzling. What is most heartwarming is that she is letting me borrow her umbrella, I only hope it stops raining before I head home so I don't have to actually take it with me!!!

Thanks to the ajummas everywhere lookin' out for me.

PS read this story: The K-Pop wave is leaving the East and heading West! Watch out America!

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