December 11, 2011

Full of food on Thursday

Last Thursday was one of the more glorious Thursdays that I've had this year. Usually I teach four 3rd grade classes, three in a row before lunch then one after class closely followed by the 6th grade club class. By some miracle (I'm guessing it was the first snow that we watched fall in between classes) the third graders were behaving well and making strides in their lessons!

After third grade classes were over the sixth grade club class came in to start making their food. Their lesson today was to make some food then write out the recipe in English to end their food unit. I got a lot of free food out of it... even if the quality wasn't very good. It said a lot that the girls made tteopoki and the boys microwaved bacon and put it between two slices of bread. NOT only did they make me food but the other English teachers had a meeting in the next room and they ordered pizza and had cola that they snuck me in for. That was delicioussss.

School ended then the 5 of us English teachers went downtown to check out the cake place that Mirim was talking about earlier this week. When she went in the summer you paid 5,000 won for all you can eat cake. She said that the pieces were small but you could have as much as you wanted. I think we justified the trip by saying we were celebrating Mina's pregnancy but I'm pretty sure that's what we celebrated the last time that we went out to dinner. Actually, I don't know why we thought we had to justify eating large amounts of cake in the first place. So the place was called Gateau Juni and since Juni doesn't mean anything in French I'm guessing it's the name of the woman who owns the cafe/bakery.

We got there and they didn't have the all you can eat option so Mirim ended up getting a "set" which most restaurants offer for groups of 3 or more where they have different popular options from their menu. We usually get a set at Uncle Tomato that has pizza, fries, pasta and other stuff. While Mirim was ordering the set JiHyea and I looked at some of the things you can buy to decorate a cake. We found out that if you paid 18,000 won you get a white iced cake and 7 free decorations to use and you can decorate your own cake! Then eat it there or bring it home.

In the photo of us all together Jungwon is to the far left (she was the one I visited in the hospital really early into the year and was out of school for a couple months), then JiHyea (my official on paper co-teacher even though I don't teach with her she just does all the paperwork), Mina (who we just found out is pregnant congratulations again!!) and Mirim.

You MAY be wondering, "what is that they are doing in their photo with their fists?" WELL it's pose that is associated with aegyo also known as cute&play. Korean girls grow up learning it from their mom, aunts and sisters. Every movement Korean girls between 16-marraige is made with aegyo in the back of their head. The firsts are supposed to make their heads look smaller which apparently makes you more beautiful? That's what I'm told. It's kind of like in America girls become slutty but in Korea girls become cute. In our rendition of Gee during the ambassador's dance it's essentially all aegyo. Leslie is a pro at aegyo.

Most of the people at the cafe were decorating a cake so we were just taking pictures and talking. While we were waiting for the cakes the waitress came
to give us some jasmine teach which I was told by Mirim "gets rid of fat" which I guess is nice if we're about to indulge in cake. Then our food came which was TWO cakes the one with white and brown is the chocolate and cherries with whip cream one then on the bottom is the fruit/walnut cake? It was surprisingly amazing. Also with our cakes came a strawberry cupcake with strawberry cream cheese frosting. In case that didn't fill us up they also gave us a basket and a plate full of cookies and muffins. I didn't think we could do it but I was shocked to see that they could not only eat all the cake but also some of the muffins and cookies.

The cakes were reallllyyyyy good and we stayed there for like four hours. They gave free refills on all the coffee which I don't think helped me later that night but it was totally worth it. Pizza and cake has just made me even more excited about coming home for Christmas!

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