October 25, 2011

Gyeongju Conference

This weekend was the Gyeongju Conference where all of the Fulbright ETAs get together (with people that stayed an extra year we have around 110 people). They rented out a floor for us at one of the hotels and we spent 2 days doing meetings that had topics such as: using the elementary school text book creatively, how to work with a co-teacher, traveling around se/sw asia, using books in the classroom, how to label yourself and talking about homestays. On Sunday they took us on a tour of Gyeongju to a pretty mountain top with a temple (the bus ride was AWFUL. Thank god they handed out pretzels! First pretzels of my whole trip to Korea!! I wanted to ask where they bought them but forgot). This is a picture of Leslie, Lucy and I at the mountain.

Below is a "family picture" of me and some of my closer friends (Jake is lying on Paddy and I while Anne is in the back and then there is Leslie). This was taken at the temple (I'm not smiling because I'm the angry korean mother) Then there is the view from my hotel window of a beautiful lake and an amusement park!

Above is a picture of me and the girls ^^ from left to right are Elizabeth and Liza who went to college together in New Mexico. Lucy from West Virginia is the girl I first talked to on the plane from Chicago to LA. There's Gem with the glasses from NYC then Ekatarina who was my room mate in Jungwon and me and Leslie!

It was really great to see everyone and see how people are doing with different schools and home stays. Mostly we had great food and a great time. The weather was also really nice for our tour but raining all the other times (doesn't matter because we were in the hotel!) Gyeongju is famous for being the "cultural capital" of Korea and also for it's bread. There are two types one that is a circle filled with red bean paste that older Koreans enjoy and the other of two barley pancakes with a small amount of bean paste holding it together.

P.S. Thank you mom and dad for the post card and the package of my sweaters!! Also, Gig thanks for all the mail! The kids do in fact love stickers so if you want to send them please feel free!!


  1. Hey Clare
    Package of stickers is in the mail due to be to you between the 26th and the 29th.

  2. Thanks Gig! Got them and they are great!!! I passed out the halloween ones today for essays :)