September 1, 2011

What comes after eating a cow's knee?

Getting locked inside your school.

That's right ladies and gentlemen, after working hard overtime (aka after 5pm) I was getting ready to wrap up my last powerpoint, turn off my itunes and shut down my computer. I collected my things leaving my classroom thinking "how lovely it is that I live in a city that they can just leave classroom doors unlocked and no one comes to steal the high tech projectors and TVs. Isn't that just wonderful!?!?!

5:34pm Heading down to my usual exit I noticed that there were no cars in the driveway, no one around the school.

5:36pm I get to the doors and push... nothing. hmmm well it isn't a main exit or anything so I'll just go through the cafeteria... not. Cafeteria doors are locked too. Looks like I'm going back to the 2nd floor in order to leave.

5:38pm try another exit... locked.

5:39pm contemplate calling Leslie to inform her of this hilarious situation in which I am locked in the school. Then decide that I should call my co-teacher... but she lives an hour away so that would just be silly. I haven't even tried to main doors yet.

5:41pm Reach main doors, also locked. Someone's got it in for me. At this point I'm thinking, "I guess I could just sleep here?" That's literally what came to mind first. Then I realized that it's not college anymore and if you get locked in the humanities building you can just save it for a funny story later but now I have an ohma who would come and break the doors down with a fire hydrant just so I could eat cat eyes or whatever is for dinner tonight.

At that point I realized I needed to problem solve it so I checked the windows... they were locked but that was easily undone. Looking around for cameras I heaved myself up in my SKIRT and slipped outside the window. Luckily none of the kids playing outside saw this. Unluckily it had been right through a spider web.

Yep. At 5:30pm Clare Hubbard was locked inside of her Korean school. Guess I don't get paid for overtime.


  1. Isn't there an alarm system????

  2. Did you close the window behind you? Do you know how to say, I got locked in last night in Korean?

  3. no alarm system, not even videos